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正规博狗开户:China hits human rights milestone in achieving moderate prosperity

Human Rights

正规博狗开户:China has hit another milestone in human rights as all-round moderate prosperity is achieved in the country with a population about one-fifth of the world's total, a white paper said Thursday.


XinhuaUpdated:  August 13, 2021

China has hit another milestone in human rights as all-round moderate prosperity is achieved in the country with a population about one-fifth of the world's total, a white paper said Thursday.

China's realization of all-round moderate prosperity, as declared in July, represents comprehensive progress in ensuring universal human rights in China, and a new contribution to the world's human rights cause, the document issued by the State Council Information Office said.

Under the Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership, the Chinese people "completed the historic transformation from poverty to secure access to food and clothing, to a decent life, and finally to moderate prosperity," read the white paper titled "Moderate Prosperity in All Respects: Another Milestone Achieved in China's Human Rights."

The goal of achieving moderate prosperity, articulated by China as it started reform and opening up some four decades ago, demonstrated the country's concern for improving the people's wellbeing and commitment to promoting human rights, it said.

Moderate prosperity in China, according to the document, is evident in all respects: a buoyant economy, political democracy, a flourishing culture, social equity, and healthy ecosystems; balanced development between urban and rural areas to the benefit of all the people; and high respect for and comprehensive protection of human rights.

"China's approach and experience have provided a distinctive path forward for human progress," read the white paper.

It explored the topics by examining the facts and figures in various aspects, including ending extreme poverty and securing the people's right to an adequate standard of living, putting life above all else in fighting COVID-19, ensuring equitable and accessible health services, improving the environment, protecting civil and political rights, and promoting social equity.

Aerial photo taken on July 14, 2021 shows a lake at Arxan National Forest Park in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. (Xinhua/Lian Zhen)


The route to all-round moderate prosperity coincides with comprehensive progress in human rights in China, according to the white paper.

"The right to subsistence comes first among all human rights," it said, calling visible progress in securing basic needs and remarkable improvements in living standards the natural results of realizing all-round moderate prosperity.

"All-round moderate prosperity means all the people enjoy human rights," the white paper added.

In the process of creating this society, China has built a system guaranteeing social equity with equal opportunities, equal rules and equal rights, in which all can participate in, contribute to, and enjoy development, it said.

In summing up China's experience in promoting human rights in the process, the document highlighted that China has applied the principle of universality of human rights in China's context, and taken a people-centered approach to human rights.

China has taken protecting the rights to subsistence and development as the primary task and has been promoting human rights through development, with a happy life for the people as the ultimate goal, it said.

"There is no end to improving human rights. Moderate prosperity is a new starting point on China's quest for human rights," the white paper said, vowing that China will make a greater contribution to global human rights. 

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