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足球下赌注:China issues human rights action plan for 2021-2025

Human Rights

足球下赌注:China on Thursday published the latest human rights action plan, setting the objectives and tasks of respecting, protecting and promoting human rights in the period from 2021 to 2025.

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XinhuaUpdated:  September 9, 2021

China on Thursday published the latest human rights action plan, setting the objectives and tasks of respecting, protecting and promoting human rights in the period from 2021 to 2025.

Titled "Human Rights Action Plan of China (2021-2025)," the document was released by the State Council Information Office.

The action plan has eight parts: "Introduction," "Economic, Social and Cultural Rights," "Civil and Political Rights," "Environmental Rights," "Protecting the Rights of Particular Groups," "Education and Research on Human Rights," "Participating in Global Human Rights Governance," as well as "Implementation, Supervision and Assessment."

China has formulated and implemented three action plans on human rights since 2009. During this period, the Chinese people have prospered, their rights have been better protected, the policies and legal measures protecting the rights of particular groups have improved, and the legal safeguards for human rights have been strengthened, said the action plan.

China has also fully participated in global human rights governance, making a major contribution to the international cause of human rights, it added.

The action plan lists a range of targets for the 2021-2025 period.

China will promote the free, well-rounded and common development of all individuals as the general goal, it said.

The Chinese government will hold fast to its people-centered approach, and exert itself to meet the people's growing expectations for human rights protection. It will guarantee the principal position of the people, and ensure that development is for the people and relies on the people, and that development benefits are shared by the people, it said.

China will protect the people's economic, social and cultural rights to meet their expectation for a better life, and create more favorable economic, social and cultural conditions to achieve this goal, read the plan.

Efforts will also be made to safeguard the civil and political rights and promote effective participation in social affairs, thus laying a sound democratic and legal foundation for well-rounded development of the people, the plan said.

China will cherish clear waters and green mountains as invaluable assets, the plan said, adding that the country will continue to respect, work with, and protect mother nature, and promote the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature.

The plan said that China will reinforce the equal protection of the rights and interests of particular groups and providing them with extra assistance, to ensure all have an equal share in the fruits of development, and to provide policy support for the well-rounded development of all.

It added that the country will conduct extensive research, education and training, and build awareness in this field, to create a social atmosphere of respecting and protecting human rights.

China will participate in global human rights governance, the plan said. China will engage itself in all work relating to the UN human rights mechanisms, propel the international community to establish a more just, fair, reasonable and inclusive governance system, and work together to build a global community of shared future, it added. 


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